Smart, simple and scalable solutions

Today's challenge for industrial processes are more stringent energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction requirements, and many have not yet run into feasible solutions to their dependence on heat or power generation from fossil fuel-based oil and gas. We believe the opportunities are there today with the aim to give it renewed purpose through smart, simple and scalable solutions:


Carbon dioxide

One of the main causes of climate change is the huge amount of CO₂ released into the air every day. A better understanding is needed about the new opportunities to capture and use carbon dioxide to quantify the life-cycle climate benefits of CO₂ applications. In the long term, CO₂ from industrial processes, biomass or from the air could play a key role in a net-zero CO₂ economy. Neutralizing hydrochloric acid or removing carbonates from industrial processes, carbon dioxide is generated. Recovery units are specially designed by our partners to recover CO₂ from your process, whereby it is converted to compressed or liquefied CO₂, but also to high-performance products such as sodium bicarbonate, chemicals or fuels.   Our partners and we are continuously looking for the most sustainable way for your operations together with our partners to ensure putting CO₂ to use. To learn more see our technologies  

Air Cleaning & Heat Recovery

Too often in the industry valuable high temperature heat is lost through the chimney. This industrial waste heat can be reused in the same, or a nearby process. Heat recovery increases energy efficiency, and reduces the CO₂ emissions and energy costs of our industrial consumers. The potential is great, with energy savings at plants through heat recovery from flue gases is used, but we all have to do it together to make meaningful impact. To learn more see our technologies  

Organic Waste Recovery  

For others waste, for our industrial consumers creating value and supporting climate goals by fermenting organic waste, so-called renewable resources, in biomass digesters to produce energy in the form of biogas, or indirect heat and power, so we can contribute to becoming self-sufficient. All non-converted valuable minerals remain in the digestate, the nutrient-rich material remaining after anaerobic digestion is returned to planet and helps to maintain healthy agricultural soils. To learn more see our technologies. Nivoba can support you together with partners with conscientious selection of the appropriate solution. To learn more see our technologies